recent works

We have developed projects for customers in different fields and disciplines, which has been a continuous challenge for our team.

  • Evaluate and pre-test the TV spot proposals for the launch of the new Kia Sportage 2016
    Client: Innocean – Kia

    Assess and verify the TV spot proposal´s with target consumers, and evaluate their remembrance of the story, technology performance issued and preferred creativity

  • Post-test evaluation of the Aena´s initial public offering (IPO) campaing
    Client: Shackleton–Aena

    Analysis and evaluation of the impact generated by the advertising campaing on small investors, their comprehension and interest on the product, and their intention to participate in the IPO

  • Qualitative research with first-time and experienced mothers to test Dalsy´s new adverstising campaign
    Client: Saatchi & Saatchi Health – Dalsy (Mylan)

    Conducting workshops with first-time and experienced mothers to evaluate their response to fever and body ache of their babies and children, their knowledge of brand products and their remembrance of marketing and advertising campaigns | Pre-test of the TV spot and graphics of the new Dalsy campaign

  • Strategic planning support for designing the communication strategy for Skoda´s pitch
    Client: Comunica+A – Skoda´s pitch

    Identify and establish new communication territories in order to develop the creative proposal | Research on the automotive industry situation and the consumer´s new behavioural purchase patterns | Workshops with consumers in order to identify the new consumption patterns after the economic crisis and the effect on car preferences and purchase

  • International trend watching of the hotel industry and cross-categories in order to reposition Hesperia Resort´s brand
    Client: Comunica+A – Hesperia Resorts (NH Hotel Group)

    Identify the Top Global Trends of the Hospitality; leisure and lifestyle industry in order to support and reposition the brand and hotel concept creating a new territory that pioneers the sector

  • Consumer research on infant formulas
    Client: Saatchi & Saatchi Health – Enfamil (Mead Johnson)

    Qualitative research study with first-time and experienced mothers to determine their knowledge an experience with infant formulas and to identify their purchase triggers | Pre-test of the new campaign idea and slogan

  • POS research of the jewelry and accessories retail industry in Spain
    Client: TBWA Spain / New coming retailer

    Benchmark of the main flagship stores analysing the jewelry and accessories categories and their operations in order to better understand today´s competitive scenario | Identify new opportunities and communication territories for designing a successful domestic strategy

  • Evaluation test of the new advertising campaing idea and actions for rum´s young consumers
    Client : McCann Erickson – Ron Barceló

    Development of a qualitative research to pulse consumer´s opinion and assess whether the brand´s target comprises the action, feel identified and will engage with it

  • Analysis on fairs, communication activities and events organized by manufacturers of parts and garage equipment
    Client: Comunica+A – Bosch

    Conducting qualitative and quantitative studies with garages consuming indirectly Bosch products: views and experiences about the training activity, product information & communications and support received from manufacturers

  • Progress report on the digital photo libraries, and how cultural commons is transforming the interaction with the end user
    Client: Government of Navarra. Directorate General for Culture-Príncipe de Viana

    Operating framework of digital photo libraries at national and international level | Basis for the new digital relationship between cultural institutions and citizens.

  • Outsourcing for the retail marketing division
    Client: TBWA Spain

    Team coordination and daily activity management of TBWA local store marketing team for McDonald's | Monitoring and activation of prospect customers of the retail division

  • Research on consumer´s perception, competitors and the company´s perception about the major garage network players in Spain
    Client:Comunica+A –Bosch Car Service garage network

    Development of qualitative research studies with consumers and network garage managers to design new communication actions | Identify new stategies for attracting customers, improve management and give support to the network

  • Strategic planning support for the design and preparation of the pitch for Genesis Insurance
    Client: Remo

    Identify new opportunites, define and propose the architecture of the company´s future communication strategy | Development of the strategic part of the pitch document and support during the presentation to the client

  • Product development support, concept and design test
    Client: Caser – Innovation Lab / Life insurance department

    Development of qualitative and quantitative research with end consumers: concept & design test and product profile definition

  • Strategic planning support for the European launch campaign of the new Bosch vacuum cleaner
    Client: Remo – Bosch

    Market analysis: product competition and consumers | Advertising research and POS analysis | Identifying new opportunities and discovering new communication territories

  • Cultural strategic Plan of Navarra
    Client: Government of Navarra. Directorate General for Culture – Príncipe de Viana

    Design, coordination and writing of the cultural plan | Schedule, follow up and evaluation indicators system

  • Strategic planning department outsourcing
    Client: Remo

    Support in strategic planning activities for existing clients | Strategic planning assistance in new customer´s advertising challenges

  • POS communication benchmark
    Client: Saatchi & Saatchi - Toyota

    Advanced storecheck dealers survey | POS communication analysis and brand strategy alignment

  • Market research and ATL strategy proposal
    Client: Comunica + A – Quilosa (Selena Iberia)

    Design and development research | Storecheck survey in general and specialty retailers | Senior interviews with key agents | Sales channel, consumer and competitors research

  • Cultural strategic plan for the city of Pamplona
    Client: Pamplona City Council

    Guidelines for the cultural plan | Project planning | Definition, organization and launch of the citizen participation process | Community management

  • New alcoholic beverage category
    Client: Klugelei – Maxxium

    Concept and creative idea | Business plan | Graphic and creative design | Consumer product testing

  • Pamplona, Candidate City to European Capital of Culture 2016
    Client: Ken / Pamplona City Council

    Qualitative and quantitative research | Compilation, drafting and design of the candidacy dossier | Design and preparation of the candidacy presentation | Advice and support for the candidacy video"The way we are"

  • Distribution white-paper report
    Client: Ileven - Coca Cola Iberia

    Project management | Senior-level interview of key domestic and international distributors

  • Audit and business plan for Frigo´s licensee
    Client: Frigo´s licensee González González, S.L.

    Diagnosis of the company | Strategic business plan

  • Strategic plan for new alarm release in general & specialty retailers
    Client: Ileven – Securitas Direct

    Project management | Quanti-qualitative research | Product & packaging pre-test | Business & marketing plan | Negotiation with key retailers in Spain

  • San Fermín Museum, Pamplona
    Client: Empty – Ken / Pamplona City Council

    Conceptualization of the museum | Business plan | Communication plan

  • Visual merchandising and management guidebook for on-premise retailers
    Client: Ileven – Bacardí

    Project management and draft of the guidebook | Development of scorecard tools and performance evaluation indicators

  • Strategic plan for performing arts in Navarra
    Client: Teatro Gayarre / Government of Navarra

    Compilation, analysis and drafting of the strategic plan

  • Pre-release test for Coca Cola 350 cl in the on-premise retail channel
    Client: Ileven - Casbega

    Design and development of quanti-qualitative research in relevant on-premise customers in Madrid

  • Concept design of Garnaccio, new alcoholic beverage
    Client: Klugelei – Grandes Bodegas

    Market research and target definition | New product concept development and branding

  • Akerbeltz short films
    Client: Iralta Films

    Short film press office | Community management

  • Business partner search for Eraclea in the spanish retail market
    Client: Ileven – Campari / Eraclea

    Market research | Candidates pre-selection and interview with key players | Final report and recommendations

  • Marketing communication outsourcing
    Client: Iralta Films

    Press and marketing communication management | Advice and support for new business development

  • Advertising contest for Soto de Lezkairu´s new district–Pamplona
    Client: Ken – ASCP

    Selling concept  | Communication plan